The Lloyd J Eaton Group
The Lloyd J Eaton Group

Your Real Estate, Construction & Business Partners in Michigan

The Lloyd J Eaton Group is a real estate, construction and business services organization dedicated to providing superior services to our clientele in a timely, friendly and efficient manner.

Our services include;

                Real Estate Appraisal Services

                Fee Based Real Estate Consulting Services

                Small Business Consulting

                Construction Consulting Services


Whether you're moving out, moving in or just moving on, let us help you with you meet your property demands or make your business run smoother.

Lloyd James Eaton III (Jim)



Bio:I grew up in the real estate and residential construction business and earned my first real estate and builder's license at the age of 18. Nothing seemed more natural than following the map my parents left for me. Eventually I expanded my operations to include real estate appraisal and business consulting.


we have a strong foundation based on Quality Value & Service!


Phone: (517)541-1375


 We're at your service:

Lloyd J Eaton Group

2554 E Kinsel Hwy

Charlotte, MI 48813


Phone: (517)541-1375

Fax:     (517)541-1445



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